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Got Questions? FAQ

How do you pay with crypto at a shop?

For crypto purchases, you typically need to use a digital wallet that supports cryptocurrency transactions. You scan the shop's QR code or provide your wallet address to the merchant, and then confirm the transaction through your wallet app.

Are cryptocurrencies safe?

Yes, crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT) is safe when used securely. You can find security recommendations on our Crypto Security page.

What are the advantages of using crypto payments over traditional methods like a debit card?

Crypto payments offer advantages such as lower transaction fees, faster processing times, increased security due to encryption, and the ability to spend crypto without the need for currency conversion. Additionally, many online retailers accept crypto which makes it a universal and secure payment tool.

How long does it typically take for a crypto payment to be confirmed and processed?

The time it takes for a crypto payment to be confirmed and processed depends on the network's congestion and the cryptocurrency being used. Bitcoin transactions, for example, may take around 10 minutes, while transactions with other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum can be faster, often within minutes.

How does a crypto transaction work?

A crypto payment works by transferring cryptocurrency from the payer's wallet to the recipient's wallet using blockchain technology. The transaction is validated by miners and added to the blockchain ledger, ensuring security and transparency. Additionally, if the recipient prefers, cryptocurrency can be exchanged for fiat currency through our platform.

Is it dangerous to accept crypto payments considering the volatility of crypto tokens?

Not at all. First of all, not all currencies are volatile. Tokens like USDT are tethered to the fiat US dollar, thus it is the same stable. Secondly, the transactions are processed so fast that the value of an asset will not change dramatically.

Are there any hidden fees associated with making crypto payments, and how do they compare to traditional transaction fees?

Crypto payment fees vary depending on factors like network congestion and the chosen cryptocurrency. Generally, crypto transaction fees tend to be lower than those of traditional payment methods, especially for international transactions.

How can Crypto Checkout for e-commerce benefit my business?

Crypto Checkout for e-commerce offers a multitude of benefits for your business. From boosting sales and saving on costs to enhancing overall efficiency, our state-of-the-art cryptocurrency payment solutions empower you to stay ahead in today's digital economy. With low fees, acceptance of Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, seamless crypto-to-fiat payouts gateway, and detailed reporting, you'll experience a streamlined payment process that drives growth and success for your company. Get started today and revolutionize the way you do business!